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Enterprise to Hosted Conversion FAQ

Can I seamlessly migrate my Odyssey Enterprise implementation and data to the Odyssey Hosted system?

Due to the unique footprint of every Odyssey Enterprise implementation and data that will conflict with the Odyssey Hosted data, it is not possible to have a seamless migration to the Odyssey Hosted system. As a best practice, CompassLearning Support and Services recommends initializing as a new implementation when moving from Odyssey Enterprise to Odyssey Hosted. However, we understand the time invested and value of the existing implementation and data. As a result, we want to help provide as many options as possible.

Is there any data from my Odyssey Enterprise implementation that can be migrated to the Odyssey Hosted system?

Unfortunately, due to the technical limitations referenced above, the answer is not straightforward. We cannot guarantee that any
of the data can be migrated. However, our Support & Services team will need to perform test migrations of the various components
of the existing implementation: district/school level assignments and students records (with existing assignments). Teacher records
cannot be migrated.

What is the process to determine how much of my data can be transferred over?

Please submit a request to In the request, please indicate that you would like to perform testing for a potential migration from Odyssey Enterprise to Odyssey Hosted. Also include the following details:

1) District and/or School Names being considered for migration
2) In order of importance, which components you want to have migrated: district/school level assignments, student records, or both
3) A technical contact at the district
4) Any other pertinent details, questions or concerns you have regarding the migration

Prior to the testing, our Support & Services team will conduct a site assessment to ensure the school district will have adequate bandwidth for the number of users you intend to have using Odyssey Hosted. You may have to consider implementing a caching solution, based on the assessment results. Once the assessment is complete, and our team verifies that the district has the necessary bandwidth and/or caching in place, our Support & Services team will perform the migration testing. Please allow up to 2 weeks for this process to be completed.

Once the migration testing is complete (and we know what can and cannot be migrated), what are the next steps?

If the district or school decides to move forward, the CompassLearning Account Executive or Account Manager can start the process
of moving forward by working with Business Administration to perform the necessary licensing conversion and any potential contractual
and pricing updates. Once the paperwork is complete, a CompassLearning Onboarding Specialist will work with the district and
Support & Services to ensure that the previously/successfully tested migration items are “moved” to the new Odyssey Hosted account and that the old Odyssey Enterprise account is deactivated.

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