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Your Student Portfolio


Your student portfolio shows a summary of your current work, your new assignments, and assignments in progress. It also gives you the option to run a report on your work so you can review all of your current scores at once. To view your portfolio, click the portfolio icon on the left side of your student launch pad.

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Recent Work

In your portfolio, click the Recent Work tab to view your work.

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You can view work for the day, week or month by clicking the corresponding button on the left. 


You can view your assignments (and the status of each assignment) by clicking the Assignments tab in your Portfolio.

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You can use the Reports tab in your portfolio to run reports on your own work. These reports show you:

  • All the activities you have finished;
  • How much time you spent on each activity;
  • Your score on each activity;
  • Your answers on quizzes and tests.

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