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Assessing Student Work

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Compass Learning's Assessment options enable you to evaluate student performance, diagnose strengths and weaknesses, and prescribe specific instruction. They also provide formative assessment strategies, allowing the teacher to monitor progress and provide feedback. State‐specific assessments pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses on learning standards and identify prerequisites needed before a student can meet state objectives.
An assessment is a basis for measuring the skill, knowledge, intelligence, capabilities, or aptitudes of a student or group.
You can use an objective‐based test to evaluate each objective against the passing score to diagnose a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment Tools

The Assessment section is divided into three components:

  • The Item Bank contains test items for use in creating custom objective-based tests.
  • The Objective Builder allows users to create custom standard sets.

  • The Test Builder enables users to build, edit, and save tests and include them in assignments.

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