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Objective Builder

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An objective is a measurable educational task that students should be able to complete after having received instruction. If you are using Common Core or State Standards to build tests, your tests will include pre-built objectives specific to that standard set. If this is the case, you can move on to the Test Builder section.

Creating Objectives

Objectives belong to standard sets that include three levels: strand, substrand, and objective. You can use Objective Builder to create customized sets of standards, including strands, substrands, and objectives.

  • A strand is a high‐level goal. In the example below, the objective strand is Writing (for High School-level English I).
  • A substrand is a more detailed version of the high‐level goal. The Writing strand in the example below includes the substrands Writing Process, Literary Texts, Expository and Procedural Texts, and Persuasive Texts. 
  • Each substrand contains test objectives.           

Objective builder shows buttons for both State Standards and School Standards. State standards are the existing standards you will be copying into your school; school standards are the standards that have already been created for your school.

Using Objective Builder, you can create custom objectives that you then link to test items. You can use items that are already in the Item Bank, or use the Item Builder to create new test items.         


In the image below, notice that the Objective Builder window is divided into two panes. With the level and subject highlighted in the top pane, strands are listed in the lower pane and available to copy.

teacher copy strands.png

Alternately, you can select a strand in the top pane to show the substrands under it. With the strand highlighted in the top pane, substrands are listed in the lower pane and are available to copy.

teacher copy substrands.pngYou can also select a substrand in the top pane to show the objectives under it. With the substrand highlighted in the top pane, objectives are listed in the lower pane and are available to copy.

teacher copy objectives.png

To copy standards:

  1. Click State Standards and select the strands, substrands, or objectives you want to copy into your School Standards bank.
  2. Click Copy.

copy button.png

  1. Click School Standards to move into the School Standards bank. 
  2. Click the Paste icon.

paste button.png

The standards are copied into your School Standards bank.

When you have finished copying objectives into your District Standards bank, you need to link those objectives to test items (from the Item Bank) to complete the process of creating a custom standard set.

link items.png

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