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Compass Learning and Scantron have created an alliance that provides educators with powerful, accurate student assessments and an award-winning interactive curriculum. Performance Series from Scantron is a computer-adaptive test that helps you identify the proficiency level of your students across a range of subjects. The subject matter included in Scantron Performance Series tests corresponds with specific state or Common Core standards.
Scantron Performance Series assessments are technology-based, adaptive assessments that measure the academic growth of a student or group of students over time using an overall Scale Score. When a student takes a Scantron test, they receive an overall Scale Score on the test, as well as Scale Scores for the specific units in the test. Units are sections within a Scantron test for which students receive a separate Scale Score; they are high-level groupings of content, specified by the particular Performance Series test.
A student's Scantron Performance Series Scale Score will enable you to pinpoint the skills and concepts that students have mastered, as well as those requiring additional instruction and intervention. After students have taken the assessment, their results are imported to the Compass Learning system. The system automatically diagnoses students’ needs and creates a standards-aligned learning path for each student, consisting of activities that address the concepts they need to work on.

Scantron Performance Series is currently correlated to Compass Learning K-12 products. Performance Series Scaled Scores are not currently correlated to Compass Learning Matematicas.

Integration with Scantron is not a standard feature in Compass Learning solutions; it requires licensing and special implementation. If you are interested in using the Scantron feature with your account, contact your Compass Learning sales representative.

Including Scantron Test Data in Reports

You can opt to include Scantron test data in two reports:

On the Curricula tab in the report settings section, the External Test option appears among the grade levels you can choose to include in the report. To include Scantron data, check the box for the External Test option.

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