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College and Career Readiness

College Readiness is an assessment solution that covers four content areas at the high school level—English, Math, Reading, and Science. College Readiness assessments are correlated to the American College Test (ACT) and also use the ACT test question style, letting teachers identify and address content areas and reasoning skills in which students may need further instruction. Teachers will use Test Builder to create College Readiness assessments. As with other assessments in Test Builder, a learning path is automatically generated for each student based on the student’s objective‐based test results.

Content Areas

Teachers will build a College Readiness assessment with Test Builder in one of the following content areas: 

  • English (EN) 
  • Math (MA) 
  • Reading (RE) 
  • Science (SC) 

Test Items

Test items are aligned and delivered by objective in Test Builder. Teachers will create assessments with the College Readiness standard set and assign the objective‐based test and learning path to students. Compass Learning has developed each College Readiness assessment as a single test and strongly recommends that you use all of the objectives in a given assessment. 


Based on the student’s score on the objective‐based test, Compass Learning will automatically create a learning path that includes activities from multiple courses, requiring students to achieve proficiency in these high school courses. Your site must be licensed for these required courses. 

  • Algebra I 
  • Algebra II 
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • English II 
  • English III 
  • English IV 
  • Geometry 
  • Math 7 
  • Math 8 
  • Honors Algebra 
  • Physical Science 
  • Physics 
  • Trigonometry 


Worksheets for objectives in College Readiness Math and Science are tied to assignment activities. To make worksheets available to students from within an assignment, ensure that Show Resources is set to Yes when the assignment is built. (This setting is available on the Complete Assignment screen in Assignment Builder.) 

You can find College Readiness Science worksheets by clicking Content > Resources > Assessment

Assignment Archive

When a teacher builds an assignment with a College Readiness assessment, that assignment is available in the Assignment Archive. 


Depending on your user login, you may view results for College Readiness activities. 


Reports for students and parents include:

  • Assignment Status tab from the student launch pad
  • Duration report (parent users only)
  • Student Score report

Reports for teachers include:

  • Duration
  • Assignment Status
  • Student Progress
  • Progress Summary
  • Learning Path Status
  • Test Summary by Objective
  • Test Item Summary

Reports for school and district administrators include all of the reports generated by teachers, as well as: 

  • Utilization
  • Objective Score

Custom Tests

College Readiness test items are available through Item Bank. Teachers can create custom tests with these items. Advanced search capabilities in Item Bank allow you to locate test items in English, Reading, and Science by passage, as follows: 


  • CR Cheaters
  • CR Influential Person
  • CR Decision Making
  • CR Master of Silence
  • CR Open Campus


  • CR Araby
  • CR Maxwell’s Demon
  • CR Translator’s Son
  • CR The Economy


  • CR Atomic Structure
  • CR Magnetism
  • CR Natural Selection
  • CR Population Estimation
  • CR The Origin of Life
  • CR Gravitation
  • CR Optics
  • CR Standing Waves
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