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Developing Courses and Assignments


An assignment is a collection of one or multiple learning activities, quizzes, and tests.

Creating and assigning activities is a key component of a teacher’s work with Compass Learning. Tasks include:

  • Becoming familiar with available curriculum
  • Assigning learning activities, quizzes, chapter tests, and objective‐based tests
  • Building, assigning, and maintaining assignments
  • Monitoring class progress and assignment status

How are Courses Different From Assignments?

Courses have more features and flexibility than assignments. There is no simple way to get a grade result for either a single assignment or groups of assignments; however, you can collect grade results for assignments when they are grouped into courses. Courses are groupings of assignments that you track and grade together. 

Courses act as an umbrella for one to several assignments. Each course has a Gradebook that allows a teacher to track student progress and generate student grades. Courses do not replace assignments, and assignments can be disassociated from courses. Assignments are collections of activities that comprise a learning task designed to teach students a specific lesson.


The Courses and Assignments page includes links to six sections:

  • Class Progress allows you to view class and student progress.
  • The Courses button opens the Course Manager, which provides access to courses that you created (as well as school-wide and district-wide courses).
  • Assignment Status allows you to view status by assignment or by student with options to unassign assignments and students.
  • In Assignment Builder you can build, edit, save, and delete assignments and assign them to your classes and students. You can also create Writer activities to add to your assignments.
  • Assignment Archive contains all your assignments in addition to assignments for your school and for all schools.
  • Submitted Projects launches the Grader module for the Writer tool. The in-tray icon on the button notifies you when student projects are ready for evaluation.
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