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Class Progress

The Class Progress page provides an overview of the assignment status for a class. (Remember that a Class is a grouping of students - classes may be divided by building, grade level, or another method your school uses to assign students into groups.) You can view the status of all work assigned to students in one class, or you can view the status for an individual student. You can view scores and completion dates, preview learning activities, and open quizzes and tests to view specific responses.

Viewing Class Progress

To view progress for a student (or all students) in a class:

  1. Click Courses & Assignments > Class Progress. The Class Progress page opens. Your classes are listed in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click the name of a class to view progress for the whole class. To view the progress for a single student, click the "+" symbol next to the class that includes the student. The class list expands to show the names of individual students. Click the name of the student whose progress you want to see. In this example, the student named John Nelson is selected. The center panel shows the assignments that John Nelson has been given. 

john nelson class progress.png

The information in the center panel shows that John Nelson was given an assignment for Introductory Biology. The "Status" icon is blue, indicating that his work is complete.

  1. For details on the lessons and tasks included in the assignment, and on how the student scored on each, click the Details link in the center panel. (This example shows details for John Nelson's biology assignment.)

student progress detail.png

  1. To view the content of a task in the assignment (for example, "Scientific Processes 1"), click the name of that task. The content of the task opens in a separate window. To view the student's answers to an activity quiz, lesson quiz, or chapter within the assignment, click the score next to the quiz or test. The questions and the student's answers open in a separate window.

Viewing Progress by Assignment

To view the progress of all students on a single assignment: 

  1. On the same Class Progress page, click the name of the class in the left navigation panel. A list of assignments for that class appears in the center panel. (Clicking the name of an assignment in this list will open the contents of the assignment in a separate window.)
  2. To view the progress for the assignment (in this example, "Media and Politics"), click the Details link next to the assignment name. Assignment Detail information--for all students who were given the assignment--appears in the lower half of the center panel.

assignment progress detail.png

  1. Use the scroll bar on the right side of the window to view information on all students who received the assignment.
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