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Course Manager

From the Course Manager page, you can select courses you want to use, edit existing courses, subscribe to shared courses, assign work to your students, and see details on student progress. 

What are Courses?

Clicking Courses & Assignments in the main menu, and then Courses in the sub-menu, takes you to the Course Manager

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A course is any grouping of Assignments that you want to track and grade together. Courses give you the benefits of the Gradebook, score weighting by activity type, letter grades, CSV-formatted grade exports, and easy methods for tracking student progress. You can build a custom course out of existing assignments or start with pre-built courses. Pre-built courses are currently available for high school content only, but you can build your own custom course featuring any subject and designed for any grade. You can use the Gradebook feature to track student scores in any course. For details, follow these links: 

Viewing the Course Catalog and Active Courses

To view the course catalog, click the Course Catalog link in the left navigation panel; the course catalog opens in the center panel. From here, you can view the pre-built courses that are available to you (depending on what content your school is licensed to use). To add one of the pre-built courses to your personal course list, select the check box next to the course and click Add Selected to My Courses at the top of the center panel. A pop-up message confirms that the course was added to your list of courses.

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Shared and Subscription Courses

Subscription courses are usually used when a designated teacher is in charge of creating courses for other teachers in their school to use. This is a helpful management feature that allows the creator of the course to be the only user who can modify the assignments within it. First, the designated teacher needs to be given assignment permissions to create subscription courses. 

If your school uses Course subscriptions, you can also subscribe to a course that someone else has created. When you subscribe to a course, you receive that course content in your My Courses list, and can assign work from the course to your students.

create subscription course.png

If you wish to create subscription courses and share them with other teachers, but the Create Subscription Course permission is not checked in your teacher profile, contact your school or district administrator.

To create a subscription course (assuming you have permission to do so): 
  1. On the course tab, click Course Catalog.
  2. Put a check next to the course you want to work with and click Add Selected to My Courses at the top of the center panel. (In this example, the user checked the box for "Physical Science" and has added the course to their own list of courses.)

one course copied to my courses.png

Physical Science has been added to your "My Courses" list. Now you can share this course with other teachers in your school and enable them to subscribe to the course by following these steps:

  1. Click My Courses in the left navigation panel.
  2. Put a check next to your course and choose Share with School or Share with District in the Actions menu (at the top of the center panel) so other teachers will be able to see it.

share with school or district.png

A pop-up message notifies you that your school is being shared with your school (or district).

  1. Click Yes to proceed. (Click No to cancel.)
  2. Next, click School Courses and click the pencil-shaped Edit icon in the row for your shared course.
  3. In the course details window that opens, check the Subscribe Only box. 

subscribe only.png

  1. Click Save.

Unsubscribing from a Course

If you have subscribed to a course created by other teachers in your school or district, you have the option to unsubscribe from the course at any time. For example, if you wish to remove a course from your course list at the end of the year (for the purpose of clearing your roster of courses for the upcoming year), you can use the unsubscribe option to unsubscribe from the course.

Note:Unsubscribing from a course does NOT unassign your students' work in that course.

To unsubscribe from a course, go to Courses and Assignments > Courses, and select "Subscribed by Me" to show your list of subscription courses. Click the red X icon (next to the gradebook icon) for the course from which you want to unsubscribe.


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