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Building a New Course

You can build a new course in by using pre-built courses that are available from Compass Learning, or by developing a new course using existing assignments.

Using a Pre-Built Course

If you are using high school content, there may be pre-built Courses that will meet your needs. If you see anything in the Course Catalog that you’d like to use, click the + button next to the course to add it to your My Courses list. After you have copied a pre-built course into your My Courses list, you can edit the course details, grading settings, and assignments for the course. For details, see Editing an Existing Course.

Creating a Custom Course 

To create a new course with customized content, go to Courses & Assignments in the main menu, and click Courses in the sub-menu. Click the New Course button at the top left corner of the center panel.

new course button.png

Course Profile: Details

The Course Profile window opens. Here, you can:

  • provide a name, subject, and grade level for your course;
  • specify an availability type for the course (that is, whether you want the course to be for just your use, or you want to share with other teachers in your school or district);
  • add a Course Code if your school uses them;
  • indicate the number of credits for the course;
  • indicate the complexity level of the course;
  • note, by checking the box provided, whether the course will be Subscription Only (for details, see Subscription courses);
  • and note, by checking the box provided, whether the course is Certified (indicating that you have certified a course indicates that you can confirm that the course meets your school or program's standards.)


Note: Items on this tab that are marked with a red asterisk are required. 


In the Description field, provide a description for your course. If you wish to provide a description, you can use up to 1000 characters.

new course profile.png

If you wish to stop at this point and save your course profile, click Save. Otherwise, click the Grading tab a the top of the window to continue adding details for your course.

Course Profile: Grading

On the Grading tab, you can:

  • specify whether to use grade weighting
  • indicate whether to use tested out activities
  • specify how to grade repeated activities (by choosing either "use active," "use highest," "use lowest," or "use most recent")
  • choose whether to use letter grades (and, if so, change the grade range for lettered grades.)


Note: Items on this tab that are marked with a red asterisk are required. 


In the right half of the Grading tab window, you can specify the activities you wish to include in the course.

create course grading tab.png

If you wish to stop at this point and save your course profile, click Save. Otherwise, click the Assignments tab a the top of the window to add assignments to your course.

Course Profile: Assignments

On the assignments tab, you add assignments to your new course. To add assignments:

Specify the search criteria for the assignments you want to locate. You can search by "created between" date ranges or by availability (either assignments available to you, within your school, or within your district.) Set your criteria and click Search. The center panel of the window shows all of the assignments found during your search. Select the "+" sign next to the assignments you want to add. When you have selected all of the assignments you want, click Add at the top of the window.

create course assignments tab.png

The assignments you have selected are added to your course. Click Save to save your changes.


For information on how to remove assignments from a course, see Editing an Existing Course.

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