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Editing an Existing Course

You can change the DetailsGrading or Assignments specifications for a course by locating that course in your list of courses and clicking the pencil shaped Edit icon in the row for that course.


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The course profile window opens, displaying the same information you specified when you created the course. You can edit the course Details, Grading specifications, and Assignments by clicking through each tab and making your desired changes. When you have finished editing, click Save. Click Cancel to cancel your changes.

Adding Assignments for a Course


To add assignments for a course, follow the procedure described above to select a course for editing. On the Assignments tab within the course details window, click Add. Specify the search criteria you want to use to find additional assignments for the course. You can search by "created between" date ranges or by availability (either assignments available to you, within your school, or within your district). Set your criteria and click Search. The center panel of the window shows all of the assignments found during your search. Select the "+" sign next to the assignments you want to add. When you have selected all of the assignments you want, click Add at the top of the window.


When you have finished adding courses, the number that appears next to the View All link at the top of the window will reflect the new number of assignments for your course. Click the View All link to see a list of the assignments that you have added to the course.

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