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Using the Gradebook

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The Gradebook allows you to track progress and calculate student grades. The Gradebook is tied to courses, and is only available after a course has been created. After your students have completed activities in your course, the Gradebook starts tracking scores and completion of work. Once students have completed activities, their grades will automatically populate in the Gradebook.

For details on configuring the gradebook, see Setting Up the Gradebook.

Viewing Gradebook Data

After you have set Gradebook options for your course, you can click the gradebook icon in the row for the course when you want to access the gradebook.


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With the Gradebook open, you can review grading information for all students in a course.


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The Gradebook page shows the percent of completion of work for each student in your course. Clicking the Assignment Grades link at the top of the window opens a breakdown of each student's grade per assignment (including the number of times each student has taken quizzes within the assignment.) The Manually Entered Grades link shows any grades you have manually entered for students. The Student Grades link shows grading details for one student in the course, including the student's completion status, the date on which they completed their work, and their score total.


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