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Assigning Content from the Assignment Archive

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   Teachers can assign their own or others’ saved assignments from the Assignment Archive.

  1. In the navigation bar, select Courses & Assignments > Assignment Archive.
  2. Under Assignment Search, select the search criteria for locating the assignment—Availability, Subject, Grade, and Status.


assignment search criteria.png


Note: Search by using the grade level and subject categories that were applied to the assignment when it was created; NOT by the grade level or subject categories of the activities within the assignment.


  1. Click Search. Begin with a broad search for the assignment you want. Don't filter your initial search unless it returns more results than you need. If your search returns too much data to display, then it is practical to use additional filters.
  2. Select the desired assignment or assignments and click Assign to Students.
  3. With the Assign Students dialog box open, check one or multiple classes or individual students, then click Finish.
  4. When the Assignment Confirmation window is displayed, you can choose to send the student(s) a message via the Message Center by selecting the appropriate check box and clicking Send Message. Otherwise, click Close.


TIP: When you build an assignment (or when another teacher builds an assignment), it is categorized by grade level and subject. When you search for an assignment, search for these categories, not the level or subjects of the activities within the assignment.

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