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Authentic Tasks

An authentic task takes students beyond the direct instruction and practice of a traditional activity and has them apply their learning in an authentic way. An authentic task may encompass a number of different multimedia file types. It may be a .pdf document with scaffolded instructions and problems for students to complete, or it may link to an outside website. For example, in an assignment about the digestive system, a teacher may include an authentic task that links the student to an external site with a virtual tour of the digestive system. An authentic task can include videos, presentations, weblinks, and audio files as a way to provide students with instructions or to give them more information on completing the assigned task.

Adding an Authentic Task to an Assignment

  1. From under the Courses & Assignments tab, click Assignment Builder.
  2. At the bottom of the Assignment Builder window, click New Authentic Task (Upload Files). The Authentic Task window opens.
  3. In this window, provide details about your task. Enter a title and choose a subject and grade level. 
  4. Click + Upload files... to upload the files that will make up your authentic task. You can upload up to five files. The total size of all files for Authentic Tasks cannot exceed 5 MB.

authentic task2014.jpg

Provide instructions for your task. You can format your instructions text using the formatting tools in the instruction window.

  1. When you have finished writing instructions for your authentic task, click Save.

The task is saved into the currently open Assignment grid in Assignment Builder. You can select authentic tasks, move them to folders, or remove them, just as you can with other assignment tasks.

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