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Decision Points and Progress Alerts

What are Decision Points?

Decision points enhance learning paths by giving a teacher an opportunity to intervene in the learning cycle and by providing opportunities for students to master all activities in the assignment. A decision point is added to a scored activity, creating a branching activity with two conditions—mastery and non‐mastery—to determine the student’s next activity. The activity a student works on after the branching activity depends on the student’s score for the branching activity.


Note: The Continue, Progress Alert, and Restart Folder options can each follow a cycle option to allow for additional configuration of decision points. For example, one configuration might be to cycle once, and then to continue to the next activity in the sequence.

What are Progress Alerts?

A Progress Alert locks the students work folder and instructs them to contact the teacher. Using a progress alert creates an opportunity for a teacher to provide one‐on‐one instruction to the student.


Teachers can unlock the progress alert in two ways:

  • At the student’s workstation. When your Compass Learning program is initially installed, the password to unlock a progress alert is unlock99. If you are unable to unlock the progress alert with this password, check with your school or district administrator.
  • When logged in as a teacher: in the navigation bar, select Assignment > Assignment Status.

When you unlock a progress alert, you can direct the student with the following actions:

  • Continue allows the student work on additional material, if any, in the folder.
  • Restart Folder starts the folder, one time, from the beginning. Note that decision points are not applied when a folder is restarted. That is, after completing a branching activity, a student will continue to the next activity, regardless of the student’s mastery score.
  • Exit folder takes the student out of the current folder and moves to the next folder, if any.
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