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Student Profiles

Clicking the My Students link in the left navigation panel of the My Students page opens a list of all of your students in the main panel. The table you see shows the student's first and last name, user name, grade, total session time within the last week ("TLW"),  total session time for the current week ("Time"), total logins within the last week ("LLW"), and total logins for the current week ("Logins").

Editing Student Information

To edit a student record, click the pencil icon in the far right of the center panel (at the end of the row listing that student's information). (In the example below, the user is clicking the edit icon for John Nelson's student record). 

edit student info.png

The Student Profile window opens. This window includes two tabs: one for the student's personal information, and one for the student's Subject Level Access. (Subject Level Access dictates the highest grade level a student has access to for a particular subject. Not all grade levels have access to all subjects; however, a student can be placed in a grade level that offers the subject, even if it is higher than the student's overall grade.)

Edit the student's personal information on the Personal Information tab; edit the student's Subject Level Access on the Subjects tab. (You can edit and save changes to information on one or both tabs.) When you have finished, click Save.

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