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How to Delete a Student Record

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If you have the necessary permissions, you can delete student records easily.


Click the My Students tab. In the left navigation menu, click the My Students link. 

my students left nav.png


A list of your students appears in the center panel. Check the box in the row for the student whose record you want to delete. From the Actions drop-down menu at the top of the center panel, select Delete. (If you do not see a Delete option in this menu, you do not have the required permission to delete a student record. Your school or district administrator can delete the record for you.)

delete student.png


A message box opens, asking you to confirm that you want to delete the student.

delete confirmation.png


Click OK to delete the student, or click Cancel to keep the student's record intact.


Note: You can also find the record of the student you want to delete by entering the student's first or last name in the "Search" field at the top left corner of the Teacher Dashboard or the My Students page, and then clicking the search icon (shaped like a magnifying glass).

search stu field.png

This method will also open that student's record. Then, proceed with the steps described in this section to delete the student.

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