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Adding Co-Teachers to Classes

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A "primary" teacher is the first teacher added to a class (or the teacher who created the class). You can identify the primary teacher in a class by clicking My Students > My Classes. (Be sure that the My Classes heading in the left panel is highlighted; don't highlight one of the classes listed below it, as that will open a list of students in the class. Highlighting the My Classes heading will open a list of your classes.) In the list of classes that appears, click the pencil-shaped Edit icon in the row for the class you want to view. The Class Details window that opens shows the name, grade level, and subject for the class. The lower half of the window lists the teacher or teachers for the class. 

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Primary teachers can add other teachers to their classes as co-teachers. Co-teachers can run an assignment-based report on assignments for any student enrolled the class for which they are co-teacher.


The class and student pairing is a specific indicator of what information co-teachers can see and report on. Fore example, if Christine Lewis is designated a co-teacher for Civics 102, she can run reports on students' work specifically for that class. Assume that students A, B, and C are enrolled in Civics 102 and are also enrolled in Science 101, however Christine Lewis is NOT a co-teacher for Science 101. Therefore, she cannot run reports on the Science 101 assignments of students A, B, and C (even though she can view work that those same students have done in Civics 102).

Note: Co-teachers can assign assignments to students, but the primary teacher must still enter students' grades in the Gradebook. The co-teacher can grade individual projects (such as authentic tasks or Writer projects), but primary the teacher still has to enter the student's overall grade in the Gradebook (if this is a course that uses Gradebook).

How to Add a Co-Teacher

To add a teacher to your class as a co-teacher:
  1. Click My Students > My Classes. A list of your classes opens in the center pane.
  2. Click the Edit icon in the row for the class where you wish to add a co-teacher.
  3. In the Add Teachers section, click the Add link next to the name of the teacher you wish to add. You can add more than one co-teacher.

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  1. Click Save.
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