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Running Reports


Compass Learning provides a wide variety of reports that allow teachers to create detailed and summary snapshots of student achievement, both in the classroom and on state-mandated testing. Options include using aggregated and disaggregated data, multi-school administration data, pre-test versus post-test comparisons, and individual student progress data.


You can view your reporting options by clicking the Reports tab in the main menu, which opens the Report Manager

The Reporting Queue contains reports that you have configured and that are scheduled to run at specific times (or on a set schedule).


Reporting Templates contains templates for reports that you have designed. You can create templates for reports that you will run on a regular basis.

Available Report Formats

All reports can be generated in the following formats:


  • HTML. With the reporting function, you will generate a report that is displayed in your browser, either immediately or from the reporting queue window. Many reports offer links to activities and test scores. From all HTML reports, you can generate PDF and CSV files (with the same report data). 
  • PDF. If you are required to print the report, the PDF version is recommended, as it provides more consistent formatting than printing HTML screens. Additionally, you can easily distribute PDF versions of a report to others at your school.
  • CSV. CSV files are ASCII text files with one record per line and a comma separating the fields. With report data exported to a CSV file, you can import and then manipulate the data in Microsoft Excel, Access, or another data warehouse tool.
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