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Basic Reports

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Basic reports are divided into logical categories; each category contains a collection of reports you can use to collect and interpret data for a specific reporting purpose. Reports categories include:

  • Administration Reports: Reports on administrative data, including assignment status, attendance, and enrollment.
  • Progress Reports: Reports on student progress, including learning paths and progress summaries.
  • Assessment Reports: Reports on testing, including test results and test summaries.
  • Writer Reports: Reports on Writer data, including writing portfolios and writing summaries.
  • Test Translator Reports: Reports interpreting test data, including goal scores and learning path status.
  • Curriculum Reports: Reports on curriculum, including basic curriculum reports and state correlations reports.

Running a Basic Report

To run a report (in this example, a Default Student Progress Report):


  1. From the main menu, select Reports. The Reports Manager page opens.
  2. From the left navigation panel, under Basic Reports, click the category for the report you want to use. 
  3. In the center panel, select the report you want to run. In this example, the user is running a Student Progress report.

new student progress report.png

  1. On the Details tab, provide a name for your report. Select a date range for the report from the options provided in the drop-down menu. Select the activity types you want to include in the report. Set the date range for the report, and choose whether to show summaries and Include data from previous schools.
  2. Click the Curricula tab, select the subject and grade level you want to include in the report.
  3. On the Assignments tab, select All Work, All Assignments, or Select Assignments. If you choose Select Assignments, set the dates during which the assignment was created, then set the availability and any limitations.
  4. On the Students tab , select the students you want to include in the report, using the My Classes, My Students, or My Binders options. You can also search for individual students from the Student Search link by entering a student name in the search field and clicking the magnifying glass-shaped search icon. Select students to include in the search as you locate them. 


Note: After you have selected students to include in the report from the My Students tab, you must click Add, and then Add Selected Items, to add data for those students to the report.

add selected students.png

  1. Next, click the Schedule & Run tab. Select a run status (On or Off), choose a start date for the report, and select an interval at which you want to run the report (once, every week, every month, or every three months). To run the report more than once (or to have it run automatically) set the run status to On. The start date and interval you choose will dictate when the report runs.
  2. After you have finished adjusting the settings, you arrive at the Run tab. Specify whether you want to run the report immediately or to add the report to your Reporting Queue and run it at a later time. If you choose to run the report immediately, the report is generated and opens in a separate window. 
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