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Graphic Organizer

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The Graphic Organizer in the Writer tool is synchronized with the Notecard function. It enables students to organize their note cards into different sequences; this helps students to compose drafts of writing projects. This is useful for students who may want to organize their ideas in a "visual" fashion; they can use the graphic organizer to move note cards around, determining the flow of ideas for a composition. 

  • Add Button - If there are no cards are selected the Add Button will create the new card at the root level.  If a card is selected when the add button is clicked the new card will be a child of the selected card.  When clicked a title dialog appears to create the card title.  Once valid text is entered, the dialog "OK" button is enabled.  When OK is click the card is created and is placed near the last clicked area of the pane.  The cancel button aborts the process, closes the title dialog
  • Connect Button - When a card not selected the connect button is not enabled. When a card is selected and the connect button is pressed the currently selected card, previously outlined with red solid border, becomes outlined with a red dashed border. The next user click should be on a card that will become the child of the currently selected card (outlined with red dashed line). If the second click to establish child is on a card that is already a child, then the action is invalid and a message is given to user "two idea boxes cannot be connected". So a recursive parent-child relationship is not valid and a child card can only have one parent.  
  • Connection Arrow - When a connection exists between idea boxes (cards) there will be an arrow between the two cards pointing to the child of the relationship. The arrow can be clicked which puts it in a selected state - its color changes from gray to red. When selected the user can click the delete button to remove the relationship.
  • Delete Button - The delete button is enabled when there is a current selection of either card or relationship arrow. When clicked the selected item is removed.
  • Paste to Draft - Will create an outline based on the card hierarchy (parent-child relationships) from the graphic organizer pane and will list the title as bold text for the outline item and the note card body text as regular font below the title. Each time the "Paste to Draft" is clicked an outline is added to the draft as a new page. 
  • Graphic Organizer Pane - The boxes have text boxes for the title of the idea box.  A paper icon on the right when clicks opens a draggable dialog for the user to type the body text of the idea box.  The boxes can be dragged around the organizer pane in normal 2D fashion.  The organizer pane has horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
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