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Training Resources

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Welcome to the Compass Learning® High School self-paced training portal! We are thrilled to have you with us.

Since we know you are asking, "how do I use this page to train on the program?" Let's get to it.

If you click on the Module Title in the lighter green rows, you will open a page providing you with instructional information to read through, a video, and any additional print resources.

Just interested in the video? Click on the link in the Video column to just watch the video.

Just interested in a printable handout? Click on the link in under Print Resources to open and then download the printable.

Have a great time!

Module Title Print Resources
Compass Learning High School Overview  
Instructional Design and Components  
Student Experience  

Student Home Page

Navigating Assignments  
Student Tool-kits  
Student Portfolio  
Student Gradebook  
Compass Writer  
Setting Students Up for Success  
Logging in and basic navigation  
Create a class AND add students  
Making content decisions  
Assignments (no Gradebook option)  
Navigating the Assignment Archive  
Attaching Assignments to Students  
Customizing a content-based assignment  
Creating an assignment using Test Builder  
Using Class Progress  
Assigning Post tests  
Courses (Gradebook included)  
Creating a course  
Assigning a course  
Using the Teacher Gradebook  
Handling Post tests or Final Exams  
More on Progress Monitoring  
Student self-monitoring  
Teacher Dashboard  
Student Progress Report  
Student Completion Report  
Grading Compass Writer Projects  
Teacher Resources  
Content resources  
Teacher Tools  
Navigating the curriculum index  
Student Resources  
Course tracking log  
Student Contracts  
Blended Learning Resources  

If you experience a problem with any of the resources above, please email virtuallearning@compasslearning.com. We will do our best to resolve the issue within 24 hours. 

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