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Instructional Design

Compass Learning® High School offers students engaging and relevant content. Our instructional design is powered by research-based pedagogy, such as:

  • Integrated teacher modeling
  • Short instructional videos
  • Age-appropriate and conversational tone
  • Building on prior knowledge
  • Multiple strategies for problem-solving
  • Depth of understanding – multiple opportunities to practice
  • Real world applications

Students will explore and engage with learning activities, activity quizzes, lesson quizzes, and Compass Writer activities. Other activities types are available as well, depending upon teacher (or curriculum leader) preference when customizing assignments.

Available Content

*Additional electives may be available.

Ways to structure content

Fast Start Assignments

With or without a pre-test; can be used in a Course; good option for semester long interventions

Single standard pre-test and learning path assignments

Short interventions and supplemental support

Custom Assignments

More information coming soon

Ways to assign content

Assignments Only

The pre-created assignments are in assignment form. This is the easiest way to get content into the hands of the student.

To assign an assignment, you can do so when building it or else you can assign from the Assignment Archive.

Monitoring methods: Teacher dashboard, Class Progress, Student Progress Report


Courses are really an organizational level above an assignment. Basically, a course can contain multiple assignments if you chose to do so.

To assign the assignments in a course, you have to go through the Courses menu.

Monitoring methods: Gradebook only

Due to the ability to weight and edit grades, the other inline monitoring and reporting methods may not match.


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