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Navigating Assignments

It doesn't matter if students are working on their learning path in a pre-test based assignment or if they are doing one of the LP Only assignments. Once students are in the assignment, they follow the asterisk.

Students click on the activity to launch it.

Check out this video for another perspective on the student's experience.

Decision Points

Double arrows on an activity box signifies a decision point. Decision points add a mastery level check to quizzes. They are in some of the pre-created assignments, and can always be added to any assignment.

Pre-test Based Assignments

Pre-test assignments begin with a pre-test. A pre-test is standards based and is designed for students to potentially "test out" of content.

The number of standards on the pre-test determines the number of learning paths that can be assigned after the assessment is finished.

Learning paths not assigned are the same as standards mastered on the pre-test. These learning paths are visible, with a slight grey-out, and not able to be opened.

Unfortunately, Eric didn't master any standards on his pre-test.


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