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How can I choose and provide activities to students?

Providing what students need when they need it

Pathblazer™ automates the delivery of targeted interventions to students at their proficiency level, but it also offers phenomenal digital learning activities that can be used at any time. These activity codes can be provided to students for quick access to additional content.


One suggestion we recommend is to use activity codes to provide on grade level work centered on a specific reading strategy. Use the TEKS Vertical Alignment spreadsheet to identify activities that would be appropriate for the TEKS you are covering today, or this week, and have students write them in their planners or send home in a newsletter.

TEKS Activity Code Highlights
Grade 6
6.10.A RLA6060 Synthesizing information for text
6.17 RLA6121 Analyzing writing organization
6.17 RLA6122 Citing text evidence
Grade 7
7.3 RLA7002 Citing text evidence
7.3 RLA7166 Analyze a story's character
7.14.A RLA7167 Analyze text and think critically
Grade 8
8.10.D RLA8107 Analyzing texts critically
8.6.B RLA8007 Finding specific text evidence
Fig 19E RLA8057 Summarizing objectively

A second suggestion is to utilize our Pathblazer gameboards. These can be provided to students for homework, extra practice, or even extension work. Look in the resource section below for a premade gameboard for Grades 6, 7, and 8. There are 5 activities each for Fig 19 A-F.

If you would like to create your own, we have included a blank gameboard for you to use in the resources too.

How does it work?

Students can use the Activity Search icon on their dashboard.


Click on the magnifying glass,

type in the activity code  

and hit enter on the keyboard.


TEKS Vertical Alignment
Grade 6 Pathblazer Gameboard
pathblazer gameboard.PNG
Grade 7 Pathblazer Gameboard
pathblazer gameboard.PNG
Grade 8 Pathblazer Gameboard
pathblazer gameboard.PNG
Blank Pathblazer Gameboard
Activity Codes

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