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Acceleration Plan

Individualized acceleration plans identify needs and drive growth

Based on information from the screener and the learning-objective-based diagnostic, Pathblazer™ provides an Acceleration Plan for each learner. This plan helps teachers oversee and facilitate each step of student progress to grade level proficiency. With the Acceleration Plan as a guide, teachers can set each student on the right course, use data to intervene at key moments, and move students on to the next proficiency level when appropriate.

Watch the presentation below to learn more. 

TIP: Click on the gear icon in the bottom of the presentation to create a PDF with the directions.


Generating the report

Navigate to Reports.

On the bottom left, under Compass Learning Reports, click Pathblazer Reports.

The list of reports will load, click on Settings next to the Acceleration Plan Report. This opens up the report wizard.

Details Tab

Name your report

Set parameters for repeated activities

Learning Paths Tab

Select Subject

Check Availability My District

Click Search

Select Diagnostics

+ Add Selected Tasks

Students Tab

Navigate into My Classes

Select Class(es)

+ Add Selected Tasks

Schedule & Send Tab

Turn Status to On

Select Start Date

Select Stop Date (end of year)

Run Weekly

Select Day of the week

Confirm email address

Check box to attach Excel file


Name with a meaningful name

Run Report

When this report is generated, it always goes to My Reporting Queue

Click on the Export as Excel link

Working with the Data

When you export your report as an excel sheet and open it, you will first need to enable content. Just click on the enable button and you can then manipulate the spreadsheet.

Then use the dropdowns to select the student and subject you would like to look at.

Once you have focused in on a single student, you will see their data.

The Acceleration Plan maps out student summative information for each proficiency level (up to 3 levels).

Data is provided for each diagnostic (A, B, and C). This data includes:

  • pre-test score
  • average for entire assignment (excluding pre-test)
  • % completion of learning paths
  • total time on diagnostic assignment
  • indicator student is ready to post test
  • post-test score
  • indicator student is ready to progress to next diagnostic

TIP: The Acceleration Plan works beautifully for end of year conferencing and documentation.


The Acceleration Plan

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