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Progress Monitoring Report

Use Progress Reports to Support Data-Driven Decision Making

As a teacher, you want to ensure that your students are on the path to success. Pathblazer progress-monitoring and data-visualization tools will confirm that students are on track to accelerate toward grade-level performance. Pathblazer reports make it easy to review each student's progress and then determine appropriate follow-up steps, including individual conferences, small-group instruction, and intensified interventions.

Watch the presentation below to learn more, or scroll down for step-by-step directions.

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How to run the reports

Navigate to Reports.

On the bottom left, under Compass Learning Reports, click Pathblazer Reports.

The list of reports will load, click on Settings next to the Pathblazer Progress Monitoring Report. This opens up the report wizard.

Details Tab

Name your report

Set parameters for repeated activities

Learning Paths Tab

Select Subject

Check Availability My District

Click Search

Select Diagnostics

+ Add Selected Tasks

Students Tab

Navigate into My Classes

Select Class(es)

+ Add Selected Tasks

Schedule & Send Tab

Turn Status to On

Select Start Date

Select Stop Date (end of year)

Run Weekly

Select Day of the week

Confirm email address

Check box to attach Excel file


Name with a meaningful name

Run Report

When this report is generated, it always goes to My Reporting Queue

Click on the Export as Excel link

Working with the report

When you export your report as an excel sheet and open it, you will first need to enable content. Just click on the enable button and you can then manipulate the spreadsheet.

Then use the dropdowns to select the student and subject you would like to look at.

Once you have focused in on a single student, you will see their data.

Track student performance by standard to identify areas needing extra attention

The Progress Monitoring Reports lists out each standard covered by that specific diagnostic assessment, and provides a Pretest score.

During their time in Pathblazer, students will spend most of it working on their learning paths. Track progression through the learning path, overall averages, and time on task for each standard.

If you set the report up to run weekly, you can track the student's progression through time.

After students complete their learning paths, they will then complete their post-test, adding that data to the report as well.

In the end, you are provided with a summative picture of the student's intervention.

See the big picture of student progress within a learning path in a convenient summary

In addition to the great standards aligned data, the Progress Monitoring Report also provides an easy to read big picture view of each student's intervention.

The pie chart provides a color-coded visual.

Blue = mastered on pre-test

Red = remediation needed

Grey = remediation complete = student achieved 70% or higher on learning path and all activities are finished

The numbers AND pie chart will adjust as students shift from working on a learning path to finishing a learning path.

In the bottom portion of the pie chart section, we can track the overall completion of this diagnostic, average score, and time.

TIP: Keep your intervention on pace by checking the percent complete each week. That number should increase weekly.

TIP: Use the average minutes per activity to help inform decisions for students who may need additional time, or if you are trying to establish better timing for learning rotations.


Progress Monitoring Report

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