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Using the Message Center


Compass Learning contains an internal messaging function that allows teachers to send simple text messages to students. The Message Center is a “closed” messaging tool, meaning that messages sent do not travel outside the school or via the public web. Students cannot send messages student‐to-student, but can reply to a teacher’s message or compose a new message to a teacher. Standard e‐mail format (for example, name@yahoo.com) is not allowed in Message Center.

Message Center Features

Message Center has specific email‐like features that make it useful in a group learning environment.

For example, Message Center includes:

  • an Inbox icon that graphically cues teachers or students when they have unread messages
  • ability to send messages and/or reply to multiple users at once, using the standard hierarchical school/teacher/class selection view
  • automatic population of message recipients addresses when communicating to students about specific activities, assignments, tests, quizzes or assignment status

Sending, Reading, and Deleting Messages

To go to the Message Center, click Message Center in the main menu. Your message center window opens, displaying your message inbox.

To compose a message:

  1. Click New Message.

message center new message.png

  1. The Create Message window opens.
  2. Click To and select the classes to which you want to send the message. If you want to send the message to an individual student, click the + sign next to a class name to list the names of individual students. Select the students to whom you want to send the message and click Save Changes.
  3. Type your message in the message window. To preview the message, click Preview. To send the message, click Send. To cancel your message, click Cancel.

To read a message in your inbox, hover anywhere within the row for that message and click.

message in inbox.png

The message opens in a separate window.

kikis message.png

To delete the message, click Delete. To respond to the message, click Reply. A separate window opens where you can compose your reply message. To preview your reply, click Preview. To cancel your reply, click Cancel. To send it, click Send.

To delete a message in your inbox, select the check box next to the message and click Delete.

Notifying Students of Assignments Using Assignment Builder

You can use the message center to notify students when they have new assignments. You can use this feature directly from the Assignment Builder. To send a message in Assignment Builder, proceed through the normal steps of creating the assignment. When you reach the Complete Assignment window:
In the Assign to students now? option, select Yes

  1. Select an individual student, multiple students or an entire class, then click Finish. The Assignment Confirmation window appears.
  2. In the check boxes, select the students you want to contact.
  3. Click Send Message. The "Create Message" window opens.
  4. Enter your message in the text box. When you have finished, click Send. Your message will appear in the student's Inbox.
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