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Compass Learning Release Notes 2014.1.0

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This document provides an overview of new features and enhancements included in Compass Learning version 2014.1.0. To learn more about this release, contact your Compass Learning sales representative or call 800-678-1412.

Renaissance Learning STAR™ Assessment Integration Now Available

Compass Learning solutions can now import test results from Renaissance Learning's STAR™ computer-adaptive
assessments and automatically generate learning paths based on these assessments. Highlights of this integration include:

  • Automatic creation of learning paths based on Renaissance Learning STAR™ computer adaptive Math and Reading
  • assessments
  • Math alignments for grades 1-12, based on the Common Core State Standards alignment
  • Reading/Language Arts alignments for grades 3-12, based on the Common Core State Standards alignment
  • Reporting features for assignments based on STAR™ assessment results

To learn more, please visit

Content Alignment and Assessment

The following additional content alignment changes have been made for Compass Learning solutions:

  • Updates for Texas STAAR Language Arts, English I, English II, and Math
  • Updated NWEA: Updated learning path alignments for MAP assessments for Georgia and Pennsylvania for enterprise customers.

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

This Compass Learning Odyssey release features routine maintenance and bug fixes.

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