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Release Notes 2013

This page provides an overview of the new features and enhancements included in CompassLearning Odyssey version 2013. To learn more about this release, contact your CompassLearning sales representative or call 800-232-9556.

Content and Correlations Enhancements

The following content and correlations enhancements are included in Odyssey v. 2013:
  • 86 Math and Language Arts ancillary activities (Odyssey Writer and Authentic Task activities) are included in this release. New Odyssey Writer offerings include 29 Math activities and 26 Language Arts activities; new Authentic Task offerings include 15 Math activities and 16 Language Arts activities.
  • The following eight videos and associated quizzes for Common Core Math and Reading/Language Arts subjects are included in this release.
Activity Code Activity Title
Language Arts
R210C Conventions: Irregular Plural Nouns A
R3149C Conventions: Simple Verb Tenses
MA2017 Comparing Lengths - Standard
MA2018 Comparing Lengths - Metric
MA4042 Exploring Angles as a Series of One-Degree Turns
MA4043A Measuring Acute Angles
MA4043B Measuring Obtuse Angles
MA4044 Drawing Angles
  • Two new Authentic Task activities and six Odyssey Writer activities to were added to Biology subject matter in order to increase coverage of Florida standards.
Activity Code Activity Title
BI2001 Authentic Task: The Four Major Biological Macromolecules
BI2002  Odyssey Writer: The Special Properties of Water
BI2003  Odyssey Writer: Blood Flow
BI2004  Authentic Task: Parts of the Brain
BI2005 Odyssey Writer: Human Impacts on Environmental Systems
BI2006 Odyssey Writer: Impacts of Biotechnology
BI2007  Odyssey Writer: Female Reproductive System
BI2008 Odyssey Writer: Male Reproductive System
  • Common Core Math and Language Arts alignments have been upgraded for grades K-8.
  • Texas STAAR Math and Language Arts alignments have been upgraded for grades 3-8.

Improved System Performance for Student Assignments

Changes were made within the Student Assignment design of Odyssey that will improve overall system speed and performance.

New User Help Library for 2013

Odyssey version 2013 comes with a newly-structured and updated online user help library. The user help includes a Teachers Guide, Administrators Guide, Reporting Guide, and a section containing quick tips that explain how to perform common tasks, such as registering a student or creating an assignment. You can use the new Help Library to find the help you need by navigating through sections or by using the search function.

Expanded Option to Integrate with Other Learning Tools

CompassLearning Odyssey has been certified by the IMS Global Learning Consortium as a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) v1.1 compliant product, enabling integration with LTI compliant learning management systems. All activity types within Odyssey can now be launched through the LTI protocol.

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

This version of CompassLearning Odyssey features routine maintenance and bug fixes.

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