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Odyssey Release Notes 2013.4.2

Odyssey Version 2013.4.2 Release Notes

This page provides an overview of the new features and enhancements included in the most recent version of CompassLearning Odyssey. To learn more about this release, contact your CompassLearning sales representative or call 800-232-9556.

Printing Gradebook Information

Odyssey 2013.4.2 provides the ability for teachers and students to print information included in the Gradebook. 

From the Courses & Assignments tab on the Odyssey main page, teachers can print information from the Gradebook by clicking the Gradebook icon for any course. Teachers can print information from any of the gradebook views—Grade Overview, Assignment Grades, Manually Entered Grades, or Student Grades—by navigating to that view and clicking Print. Teachers also have the ability to print—Sequentially, By Activity Type, or by Status—from the Student Grades tab.

print gradebook teacher.png


Students can open the Gradebook for their own accounts by clicking the Gradebook icon on the student launch pad. Students can print information from any of the views available to them—Sequentially, By Activity Type, or By Status—by opening that view and clicking Print

print gradebook student partial.png

Enhanced Student and Teacher Search Feature

If you are a teacher or administrator searching for a student (or students) in Odyssey, you can now easily filter the search using filters available directly within the search field. Whether you’re searching for a student from the Teacher Dashboard, the My Students page, or while configuring settings for a report, the student search field includes a a drop-down menu that enables you to specify whether you want to search by First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Username, or Student ID.

enhanced search student.png


If you are an administrator searching for teachers, you have the ability to filter teacher searches from the My School and 
My District tabs. The drop-down menu in the search field gives you the option to filter by Last Name, First Name, Full Name, Username, and Teacher Email.

Content Alignments

Odyssey 2013.4.2 includes the following content alignments: 

  • Addition of CC Math 1-3 tests to match Common Core Appendix A
  • Updated Texas Math TEKS Grades K-8 alignments (adopted in 2012, for implementation in 2014 - 2015 school year)

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

This version of CompassLearning Odyssey features routine maintenance and bug fixes.

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