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Odyssey Release Notes 2013.4.3


This document provides an overview of the new features and enhancements included in the latest version of
CompassLearning Odyssey. To learn more about this release, contact your CompassLearning sales representative or call

External Testing Tab Added to the Odyssey Teacher Dashboard

Odyssey 2013.4.3 includes a tab labeled “External Testing” in the “At a Glance” section of the teacher dashboard.
Clicking this tab enables you to view students’ average scores on activities that were assigned to them via imports from
external testing services (NWEA or Scantron). From the drop-down list, you can choose a class containing NWEA or Scantron
assignments; then click the graph to open a pop-up window showing average scores for those assignments.

external test tab screenshot.png

Improved Enrollment and Progress Summary Reports

Enrollment reports and Progress Summary reports have been improved.
Enrollment reports now indicate the total number of unique students included in the report (that is, each student is counted only once, even if they are enrolled in multiple classes). These reports have also been amended to exclude deleted accounts and to no longer include blank pages.
Progress Summary reports now give District Administrators the option to see summaries by each school in the district, or by the entire district.

Content Alignments

Odyssey 2013.4.3 includes the following content alignments:
Pennsylvania Keystone Exams in English Language Arts, Algebra I, and Biology
Updates to reflect new Common Core codes in math for grades K-8 and high school subjects
Updates to reflect new Florida standards codes for English Language Arts, grades K-8 and high school subjects

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

This version of CompassLearning Odyssey features routine maintenance and bug fixes.

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