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Compass Learning Release Notes v2016.1

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Compass Learning Release Notes v. 2016.1

This document provides an overview of new features and enhancements included in the latest Compass Learning solutions. To learn more about this release, contact your Client Success Manager at, the Support and Services Team via email at or call 800-678-1412.

Looking for Earlier Versions of Release Notes?

For release notes from previous releases of Compass Learning products, see the Release Notes Archive.

Content Alignment and Assessment

We’ve made the following updates to our alignments and assessments:

  • Updated alignments to the new Indiana State Standards for K12 Math and ELA.
  • New content added for grades 3-5 for Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia for Math and ELA, and Minnesota for Math.
  • Updated standards coding for grades K12 Math and ELA for Tennessee.
  • Updated alignments and new diagnostic items for the new Alabama Science Standards, for the following courses:
    • Grade 6 Earth and Space Science
    • Grade 7 Life Science
    • Grade 8 Physical Science
    • HS Physical Science
    • HS Biology
    • HS Chemistry
    • HS Physics
    •  HS Earth and Space Science

Enhanced Import Option for External Assessments

We’ve made an improvement to “Option 4” when importing test results for NWEA™, Scantron™, or Renaissance Learning™ assessments. “Option 4” allows students to continue working on any existing external test assignments if their score is in the same range as a previous test score, and receive a new assignment if they have scored in a different range.

Starting with this release, students who have completed assignments but score in the same range as their previous test score will be assigned a new copy of the completed assignments. Previously, students did not receive a new assignment if they had completed a previous assignment and scored in the same range.

Pathblazer Reset Screener Now Also Re-Enables Screener

The “Reset Screener” function can now be used to re-enable the screener assessment for one or more students. Previously, the screener had to be re-enabled individually for each student.

Support for Longer User Names

We now allow user names up to 60 characters long, which is an increase from the previous limit of 30 characters. The ability to create longer usernames supports schools that wish to use email addresses as usernames.

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

This Compass Learning release features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes.

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