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Compass Learning Release Notes v2016.2

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Compass Learning Release Notes v. 2016.2

This document provides an overview of new features and enhancements included in the latest Compass Learning solutions. To learn more about this release, contact your Client Success Manager at, the Support and Services Team via email at or call 800-678-1412.

Looking for Earlier Versions of Release Notes?

For release notes from previous releases of Compass Learning products, see the Release Notes Archive.

New Second Grade Content

We’ve released 126 new HTML5 learning activities for second grade Math and Language Arts to improve the breadth and depth of our second grade content. New diagnostic items are also now available to help assess second grade standards.

Pathblazer Screener and Automatic Assignments

We’ve updated Pathblazer Reading and Math screeners with new and improved items. We’ve also improved the automatic assignments in Pathblazer to include new content released during the past year. In addition, the diagnostic assessments have been shortened, and Practice Resources have been removed from the automatic assignments. These Practice Resources are still available in Assignment Builder for teachers to access and assign to their students if desired.

Content Alignment and Assessment

We’ve made the following additional content alignment improvements with this release:

  • Updated alignments for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and Common Core State Standards
  • Updated NWEA™ MAP® learning paths for CCSS, TX, SC, IN, PA, MN Math, CA, ND, GA, OH, NY
  • Updated NWEA™ MPG® learning paths for Common Core State Standards
  • Updated Common Core State Standards Renaissance Learning™ STAR™ Reading and Math learning paths
  • Updated Renaissance Learning™ STAR™ Early Literacy learning paths
  • Updated Scantron™ Performance Series® learning paths

Optional Ability to Set a Test Window for NWEA™ Assignments

Schools automatically importing NWEA™ MAP® or MPG® scores to create assignments may now optionally define their test windows. This allows schools to determine when new NWEA™ MAP® or MPG® scores should update or replace existing NWEA™ assignments. If you would like to define custom test windows, please contact your Client Success Manager at, the Support and Services Team via email at or call 800-678-1412 for assistance.

Updates and Improvements to Reporting

  • The NWEA™ and Renaissance Learning™ Learning Path Status Reports have been improved so that educators can easily select the subject or subjects they wish to run the report for rather than having to select the individual learning paths.
  • The Student Progress and Student Portfolio Reports have been updated so that the Status bar is now color-coded based on the Passing Score set by the school. The bar will appear green for students scoring at or above the Passing Score, yellow for students scoring slightly below the passing score, and red for students scoring well below the passing score.

Compatibility Improvements

  • We now support Windows 10 and the Edge browser.

  • We’ve made improvements to the compatibility of our HTML5 learning activities with Puffin Academy.

Additional Updates and Improvements to Functionality

  • We’ve added the ability for students and teachers to print a transcript of our HTML5 learning activities.
  • Schools may now disable student access to the Gradebook and to Help if desired.
  • Schools may now disable the ability for teachers and administrators to email reports from within our manager system. This may be desired to address student data privacy concerns at a school or district.

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

This Compass Learning release features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes.

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