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Release Notes 2017.0

This document provides an overview of new features and enhancements included in the latest release.


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New Learning Activities

  • 218 new learning activities, 137 new quizzes, and additional assessment items for kindergarten and first grade Math and Language Arts.

HTML5 Updates

  • Conversion of all first and second grade Math and Language Arts
  • Flash activities to HTML5 New HTML5 player functionality specifically built for first and second grade students
  • Added scoring functionality to HTML5 activities

Standards Alignments

  • Updated alignments for K-8 Math and Language Arts for Common Core and Texas

Pathblazer Updates

  • Updated NWEA Learning Paths for Common Core, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi
  • Updated Renaissance Learning STAR and Early Literacy Learning Paths and a new naming convention for those paths
  • Updated Scantron Performance Series and Reading Foundations Learning Paths
  • Updates to Renaissance Learning STAR integration to allow for future integration with Renaissance Learning Growth API
  • Improvements to the import process to respect the “disable screener” setting for Pathblazer customers

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • This release also features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes.
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