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Assignment Status Reports

An Assignment Status report displays the completion status of assignments for a specified date range. You can also use the online Assignments>Assignment Status screen to display assignment information. Additionally, you can use the Assignment Status page to unassign work, or to get to the assignment archive to edit assignments.

NOTE: An assignment must be assigned during the date range specified in the report settings in order for that assignment to be included in the report.

Configuring Assignment Status Report Settings

To get started, click Reports>Administration Reports. To configure the settings for your report, click the Settings link in the "Default Assignment Status Report" row. You can specify the following features when creating Assignment Status reports:

Report feature



Report Name: Either use the default name for the report that appears in this field, or provide a unique name (you may want to create a unique name if you plan to save the settings you configure as a new report template).


Assigned Within: Specify the date range you want to use for the report; that is, the report will return results for the period of time that you specify here.

  • ​Choose Selected Range if you wish to provide a specific date range using the calendar icons that appear.
  • Choose From [Selected] to Today if you wish to have the date range start on a date that you specify and end on today's date.
  • Choose Last Week to report on data from the previous week.
  • Choose Last Month to report on data from the previous month.
  • Choose Last Selected Days to report on data from a period of days back that you specify (for example, provide the number 30 to report on data from the last 30 days).


Report By: Assignment / Student: ​specifies whether information in the report is grouped by assignment or by student.


Administrators only

Information grouped by assignment

School administrators: For each assignment, lists assigning teacher and number of students.

District administrators: For each assignment, lists schools with number of students.

Information grouped by teacher. School administrators: For each teacher, lists assignments with number of students (assigned and completed).

Information grouped by school. District administrators: For each school, lists assignments with number of students (assigned and completed).

Date range

Displays status on assignments assigned within a date range you specify.

Report formats

Choose from HTML, PDF, and CSV formats.

By default, most reports generated by school and district administrators are processed offline. If CompassLearning generates the HTML report immediately, you will see the report displayed in your browser. To view and then print the report in PDF format, click View as PDF. To export the data to a CSV file, click Export as CSV.

Running the Report Using Existing Settings

To run a report using existing settings, locate the report in your list of reporting templates and click Run in the row for that report.

run report from template.png

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