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How do I monitor student activity scores

The Student Progress Report allows teachers/administrators to take a closer look at how students are performing on their daily work. It lists every activity, the date/time it was completed, the score, and the duration or time on task. I can use the information to provide grades for students or just have a back up of data. Click through the presentation below to learn how to generate the report.

TIP: Click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner to download a printable PDF of the click-through presentation.


Weekly Progress Monitoring

In addition to working collaboratively with Students by using their Portfolio, you may also schedule and send a Weekly Progress Monitoring Report. In this report you will be able to focus on the students’ effort along with being able to receive diagnostic information on whether they understand certain objectives.

This is a one-time process; once you build this custom report it will be emailed to you every Saturday as an attached PDF.

Running the Report


Click on the Reports tab. You will notice several templates listed below

A: Click on Compass Learning Reports

B: Click on Progress Reports

C: Choose the Default Student Progress Report by clicking on the blue Settings link

Begin here in the Details tab.


A: Name your Report

B: Date Range: Last Week

C: Check All Activity Types

D: Repeated Activities: Use Highest Score (All attempts will be shown)

E: Show Summaries: Yes

F: Include data…: Yes

In the Curricula tab, select both Language Arts and LA Extensions in the left-hand Subjects box. Make sure all grade levels are checked; this captures Grade-Level Proficiencies, not the students’ actual grade level.

A: Select Subject and Grades: Check

[LA Extensions] and [Language Arts]

B: Leave ALL grade levels check since this reflects the students’ proficiency levels; not their actual grade level

Yes this step is as easy as it looks! In the Assignments tab, simply select “All Work” and you’re done.

In the Students tab, select your Class and make sure to + Add Selected Items. If you check your own class, all students will be selected; you may click on the blue Students link to see or check which students are currently seated in your Class.   

A: Filter with [My Classes]

B: Select only one class per report


[+ Add Selected Items]

Now it is time to Schedule and Send. This Report will be sent to you as an attached PDF in a weekly email which you will receive each and every Saturday. Note that student data is updated every 24 hours, so by receiving your email Saturday, you will insure that all of Friday’s data is harnessed.

A: Status: On

B: Start with date listed

C: Run Report: Every Week

D: Stop: Last day of school (add in Snow days maybe)

E: Send To your email

F: Attach as PDF

G: File Size: 5 or 10 Mb is fine

H: Clarify Report with brief description (optional)


Your customized Progress Report is now complete. You will be able to see it in My Progress Reports in My Templates. If you choose to Run the report it will populate in My Reporting Queue.

A: Click [My Templates]

B: Select [My Progress Reports]

C: You can change the Settings or Run the report any time

Reading the Report

The student progress report offers the most comprehensive data on a student in terms of details.

The progress report provides a detailed account of all activities the student completed based on the parameters you establish while running the report. Activities are listed by curriculum chapter. Each item includes information on when the activity was completed, date and time, the score, and the time on task or duration.

If you left the default "show summaries" in place, each student will have a Summary section. In that section, you can see how many activities of each category the student completed and the average time.

TIP: The Average time for learning activities can help inform how long your stations should be during a rotational model.


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