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Pathblazer Reports

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Compass Learning's Pathblazer intervention solution includes specific reports that are unique to Pathblazer. These are:

  • Pathblazer Screener Reports. These reports give you a quick overview of student scores on Pathblazer Screener tests. You can use this report data to determine the level at which you want to start your students with Pathblazer Math and Language Arts assignments.
  • Pathblazer Student Acceleration Plan Reports. These reports present data on how each of your students is performing at different diagnostic levels in Pathblazer. You can use the information in these reports to determine whether to promote students to the next diagnostic level. 
  • Pathblazer Student Progress Monitoring Reports. These reports give you an overview of how students are performing on their assigned learning paths, including a visual summary of the standard students have mastered, standards on which remediation is needed, and standards on which remdiation has occurred. 


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