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Student Progress Monitoring Reports


The Pathblazer Progress Monitoring Report shows objective-level detail on the learning paths assigned to students in Pathblazer, providing visibility into how students are progressing through their learning paths. The report includes details on:

  • how students are performing on each of the specific activities in a learning path
  • pre-test and post-test scores
  • the number of activities completed and the time students spent on each task.

The right side of the report provides a visual pie graph summarizing performance data for the student, giving you a quick snapshot of the number of standards mastered, the standards for which the student may need remediation, and the standards that have been remediated. The report is generated in spreadsheet format.

To configure this report, click Reports, then click Patblazer Reports under "Compass Learning Reports." A list of Pathblazer reports appears in the center pane. Click the Settings link in the "Default Pathblazer Progress Monitoring Report" row. 

progress monitoring report row.png

The table below lists the settings you will encounter as you set up your report.

Report Tab



Report Name: Either use the default name for the report that appears in this field, or provide a unique name (you may want to create a unique name if you plan to save the settings you configure as a new report template).

Repeated Activities: This setting gives you options for how to include scores for activities that students repeated.

  • Use average score calculates the student's average score for repeated activities and uses that score.
  • Use highest score includes only the student's highest score for the activity.
  • Drop lowest score drops the lowest score the student reached on the activity, but all other scores (from second lowest to highest).
  • Use most recent score uses only the score from the most recent time the student completed the activity.
Learning Paths

From the Search Options panel at the left side of this tab, set the options for filtering through assignments to find the Learning Paths you want to include in the report.

Select a Subject and Grade from the drop-down lists. For Availability, you can choose:

  • My Assignments. The report will only include data from learning paths contained in assignments you created.
  • My School. The report will include data from learning paths contained in all assignments available at your school.
  • My District. The report will include data from learning paths contained in all assignments available within your district.
  • All Schools. This option can create reports that are too big in size and that do not contain relevant data, and therefore is not recommended.

From this tab, find the students you want to include in the report. You can use the following options from the left panel of the tab:

  • My Classes will display a list of your classes; you can select a class or classes to be included in the report (all of the students in the class or classes you selected will be included). Check the box next to the class you want to include and click Add Selected Items.
  • My Students lists all of your students; check the box(es) next to the student(s) that you want to include, and click Add Selected Items.
  • Binders lists any binders you have created; check the box(es) next to the binder(s) that you want to include, and click Add Selected Items.
  • Student Search reveals a search field in the center panel, where you can locate students by searching for their first or last names. When the name of the student you want to include appears, check the box next to the student's name (or check the names of multiple students) and click Add Selected Items.
Schedule & Send

This feature may be left on off or turned on for automatic email delivery of reports or of notification that reports have run.

  • Status gives you the option to turn this feature on or off. (If you set this option to Off, you are choosing not to schedule the running of reports and can continue to the Run tab.)
  • Start: If you selected Status: On, enter start and stop dates for your reporting schedule.
  • Run Report: Select the frequency at which you want to run reports (every week, every month, every three months). If you select to run report, you must select on what day(s) or enter appropriate information.
  • Send To: populate this field with the email address of the person to whom you want to send the report or report notification. You can add additional email addresses separated by commas.
  • Attach: opt to attach a PDF or CSV file of the report.
  • File Size: specify a maximum file size.
  • In the Message field, type a message you want to send automatically send to those receiving the report automatically. This message will appear in the email notification.

Click Run Now to run the report immediately. 
Click Run Offline to run the report offline. Check Send me notification when complete to be notified when the report has run. Offline processing sends the report to your reporting queue for viewing. (Remember that if you set a schedule to generate your report, it will start on the date you entered.) All Administrator reports will be run offline. 

What's in the Progress Monitoring Report?

A spreadsheet report is generated for each student you included when you configured the report settings. Each individual activity in a learning path has its own row in the report. Columns list the following information as it relates to each activity:

  • scores on pretests
  • number of activities
  • activities completed
  • activity score
  • time on task
  • post-test score

The right side of the report contains a pie graph that provides a color-coded summary of the student's:

  • standards mastered
  • standards needing remediation
  • standards remediated

Sample Progress Monitoring Report

The following Progress Monitoring report shows information on the progress of a student working on a learning path in the Pathblazer Math curriculum. The top section shows the student's name and subject, and indicates which Diagnostic assignment the student is working on. The lower sections of the report provide details for the students progress on each activity. Note that both the table on the left side of the report and the pie chart on the right side of the report highlight, in orange, the specific standards for which this student needs remediation (that is, standards for which the student is scoring below 70%).

student progress monitoring report.png

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