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Student Home Page

Quick Access

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The student's home page shows links to all of their GoQuest assignments and projects, as well as quick access to their profile and all of the activities they have viewed in the last week.

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The Activities box provides access to recently viewed activities .


Clicking on the title allows the student to view the activity again.




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The Assignments box provides access to the assignments given by the teacher(s).

Clicking on the title of the assignment allows students to view the assignment: directions, activities, resources, files, and questions.


Tip: Students can input answers to the question(s) and Save along the way. They should only Submit when responses are completely finished.


GoQuest Student Home Projects.JPGThe Projects box provides access to the projects assigned by the teacher.

Clicking on the title of the assignment allows students to view the project: Overview, Details, Files, and Messages.


Tip: Students should remember to Save if they enter any notes or additional information into the phases of the project.


Students also have access to the various menus using the icons across the top of the screen.

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