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Activities Search

Personalize Inquiry

When a student’s Profiler results are applied to the GoQuest™ curated library of web-based resources, the system creates playlists of activities for each student based on his or her unique combination of interests, expression styles, and learning preferences.

These playlists of activities are organized into a searchable and sortable library that gives students agency over their own learning in a safe and age-appropriate environment.

Through activities, students:

  • Move from being passive recipients to active investigators of knowledge
  • Experience richer and more meaningful educational experiences through a personalized mix of activities
  • Develop self-sufficiency through motivation and self-directed learning

Students will use the Activities icon at the top of their screen to access the search menu.


They enter the KEYWORD into the search box and click on the magnifying glass icon.

The activities that come up will match the keyword AND their individual profile results.

Students can use the categories at the top of the search page to add filters to their search.

What if no results appear?

First, students should check their keyword(s). Is there more than 1 keyword? Try putting quotation marks around the phrase ("ellis island").

Second, their profile may not sync up with the keyword(s) related interest area(s). Just above the search box, click "show all activitie."

How can students use the Activity Search?

  • Explore vocabulary words provided by the teacher.
  • Extend learning about a topic from class by searching for more information.
  • Support Science Fair or History Day projects.
  • Search for any topic/skill you would like to learn more about.


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Activity Rubric Grades 1-2
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Activity Rubric Middle School
Activity Rubric High School
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