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Differentiate Assignments

Is it really possible to create differentiated assignments for each of my 30 students without spending hours developing something specific for each one?

Differentiation ensures that students with different learning needs work with the same essential ideas and use the same key skills, but at different levels of complexity, abstractness, and open-endedness. GoQuest™ allows teachers to differentiate in ways only dreamed of before by applying each student’s learning profile to the teacher’s choice of topic or academic standard.

With just a few clicks, teachers can build assignments based on topic and grade/ability level. Then GoQuest™ takes things a step further as the proprietary differentiation engine filters the GoQuest™ curated database against each student’s profile to find additional differentiated activities— on the same topic—for each student. Teachers can add questions and other resources to guide student investigations.

The result? Differentiated assignments for each student that address a topic or standard and appeal to each student’s learning profile.


Assignments include Directions - be sure to write them precisely - coach students to read them carefully.

Next, students will see activities that the teacher assigned to everyone (standardized).

Click on the GO button to launch the activity.

WARNING: It will open in another browser tab.



As the student scrolls down, he/she will see differentiated activities next (individualized). These are based on the profile results for EACH individual student.








Finally, at the bottom, students will find any additional resources the teacher may have provided. Additional RESOURCES are typically links.

The teacher may also provide downloadable resources. Those are under FILES.

Lastly, the student will respond to the questions provided by the teacher.

As students work, they can SAVE. This stores their responses for them to continue working later.

Students can SUBMIT. This stores their responses AND sends them to the teacher.

Video: Student Best Practices Assignments


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