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Communicate and collaborate

How will I use the GoQuest™ Message Board?

  • Share your thoughts
  • Read and respond
  • Discuss - agree, disagree, add new ideas
  • Learn from others

Being a responsible participant in online conversation, I will:


  • Be polite. Write in a positive, friendly way. Do not use sarcasm or nasty language. Also, avoid using ALL CAPS, as this indicates yelling. Remember, the way you write shows your personality to everyone who reads the blog.
  • Be accurate. Make sure that any information you write is correct. This includes facts, names, and web addresses. Do not exaggerate.
  • Give credit. If you do mention a fact you read online, be sure to give the author credit. Tell the author’s name (if you know it) and the web address of the source.
  • Be a conscientious student. Proofread carefully before clicking “Submit Comment”. Your writing is for school, so be sure to check spelling, punctuation and grammar, as you would for any other type of school project.
  • Write intelligently. Make sure your message is clear and easy to understand. Remember to stick to the topic.
  • Write quick and to the point. Messaging is not a time for book writing. (There are other online tools for this.)

Posting on the Message Board

Remember - the message board is visible to everyone. Be responsible.

To access the class message board, use the Messages menu at the top of your GoQuest screen.

New messages will always be highlighted blue.

Click on the reply arrow to respond to any post.

You have minimal abilities to format your writing, remember to follow the etiquette rules earlier on this page.

You can also add hyperlinks, great for sharing/citing resources.

And you can attach a file, great for sending back activity rubrics after completing them.

Once you are finished with your response, click SAVE. This posts your response to the message board for everyone to see.


Collaboration Expectations and Contract

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