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Students Menu - Classes & Groups

Organization is key

The Students page enables you to access and edit information on all of your students, and to sort students into groups as needed. Before we jump into creating groups, let's explore the menu.

Viewing Your Student List

Click the Students tab to see a list of your students.

student list.jpg

Viewing Individual Student Records

Individual student records include some information about a student's Learning Profile, so before we look at an individual student record, you should know some background information about the GoQuest student profiler.

Students complete a profiler when they first log in to GoQuest. The profiler is a set of questions that determines the student's interests, learning preferences, and expression style. After the student's profile has been established, Compass Learning's differentiation engine matches resources with that student's profile. As the teacher, you can see each student's profiler results, and use those results to help you select resources that are a good fit for each student.

Now, from your list of students, click the arrow next to a student's name to expand that student's record.

This student's record shows the student's first and last name, user name and student ID, plus their Profile information.

Also note the ability to change the Profiler Type, and run the Profile Narrative Report.

Adding and Grouping Students

Adding and grouping students are two skills critical to good "classroom" organization. Depending on your learning style, you can watch google presentation or use the step-by-step directions that follow.

Google Presentation

Adding or Editing Students

To add an individual student manually, click Add Student and select Create New Student. The Create New Student box opens.

create new student.jpg

In the box that opens, provide fill the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Student ID (unique #)
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • School (should auto populate for teacher based on their school)
  • Grade
  • Teacher
  • Gender
  • Profile Type
    • Standard: Grades 5+
    • EZ: Grades 2-4
    • Bypass: Grades K-2

Grouping Students

To initially group your students, locate the students you would like to group and check the box next to their name.

Then open the Actions dropdown, and select Save New Group.

To add students to another group, select Add to Group from the Actions dropdown.


GQ Fast Start Short - Grouping Students

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