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Sharing the Renzulli Profiler® Information

Getting to know your students

Now that your class is in place and you have built any groups you need, you are ready to begin looking at student profile information.

If you need a refresher on the Renzulli Profiler® and how it works, go back to the section in the Student Experience.

Students have constant access

GoQuest Student Profile Results.JPG

When the profile is complete, the student sees his/her results immediately.

GoQuest Student Profile Results Details.JPG

When he/she hovers over the circles, he/she can learn more about each result.





Teachers have constant access

Accessing the students profile information can be done through the Students menu in your teacher account. Click on the black arrow to the left of the student's name.


The student details will expand and you will have access to the student's profile results.

Sharing with parents

Parents would also like to have constant access. They can always login to GoQuest with the student, and take a look at the profile at anytime.

You can also share a Narrative Report with the parent.

Under the same student details as above, just click the Narrative Report button and it will generate a resource for you to share with parents. When you send home the Student Learning Profile, be sure to also send a copy of the Parent Letter (see Resources).

Resetting the Profile

Some days, things just don't always go the way we would like. This could happen during the student's attempt at his/her profile. This is not a problem. We just need to reset the profile.

In the same student details section, you will see a dropdown labeled Profiler Types. Open that dropdown up and select the version you need.

TIP: Let's say the student is doing the EZ version and you want him to start over. Just select Standard. Let it save. Then reset it to EZ, and let it save again.


Profile Results Ticket
Profile Strategies
Parent Letter


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