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Enhancing instruction

Activities allow students to explore the GoQuest database of over 40,000 web-based activities and resources discovering new interests, investigating existing ones, and researching resources for projects and assignments. Everything included in the Activities section of GoQuest has been has been vetted by our team for educational appropriateness.
When students search the activities database, they are searching based on their particular profile. When a teacher searches the activities database, they have access to EVERYTHING.

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Exploring the resources can be accomplished through either tab: Search or Search by Standards.


The default when the search page loads is all the User’s favorites.

To initiate a search, type in a keyword. Click on the search icon.

Once the initial search is complete, add filters to help narrow down the content.

Filters include:

Grade & Ability: K-2, 3-5, 6-9, 10-12, low, medium, and high

Interest Areas: athletics, business, fine arts, foreign language, history & social studies, mathematics, performing arts, reading, science, social action, technologies, video/photography, writing

Expression Styles: artistic, audio-visual/display, commercial, dramatic, hands-on, musical, oral, service, technological, written

Learning Preferences: discussion, games, group work, independent study, lecture, peer tutoring, programmed instruction, simulation, technology

Resource types: contests, creativity training, critical thinking, fiction, how to & books, my favorites, non fiction, online activities, projects & ind-study, real field trips, recently visited, research sites, summer & programs, videos & DVDs, virtual classroom, websites

Favorites: search your favorites for the keyword

Viewing Activities

Once your search results have loaded, and you are finished filtering for what you want, it is time to look at the activities.

Click on the grey arrow next to the activity to expand the details. Here you can see a description of the activity, relevant interest areas, learning preferences, and expression styles, plus grade and ability level information.

To explore the activity itself, click on the VIEW ACTIVITY button.

If you like the activity and would like to find it more easily next time, click on the heart icon to favorite the activity.

Search by Standards

Search by Standards allows Teacher to look up activities by Common Core or Texas standards.

Click on the Search by Standards tab.

Select your standard set, subject area, grade level, and standard strand.

Then use the + to expand each area to drill down to the standard you need.

Check the box next to the standard(s) you want to see and click SEARCH.

Scroll down and see your results.

Click on the grey arrow to the left of the activity title to access the View Activity button. You will see the same details and have the same functionality as the regular search.

Tips for Using the Keyword Search

see Integration Strategies - Keyword Search for more details on student use

Whole Group Instruction

The keyword search can be useful for many different activities in the classroom. The most obvious is locating resources that can be used for whole group instruction. A GoQuest activity make a perfect anticipatory set for a new topic.

Another idea, still whole group, but this time, it is for one of my teacher led rotations in the classroom. Based on the interests and learning preferences, I can have a different activity to introduce a topic for each group. Talk about differentiation!

Testing Keyword Search for Students

When working with keyword searches, especially with students, it is best practice to test out those searches first, when you have time. Searching keywords is a great activity, but some words don't always produce the types of results we would like to see.

It also helps to be able to give students tips like, putting quotes around the search, etc.


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