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New Assignments

Customizing differentiation

Teachers create assignments by combining both GoQuest activities and outside resources to create an assignment on a specific topic or theme. The objective of assignments is to give purpose to the Activities. That’s why we included tools so you can add directions and questions to your assignments to guide students and evaluate their work.

In an assignment, a student may receive a blend of activities that were assigned to all students along with activities that are differentiated based on his or her profiler. This way, you can be assured that all students receive some common knowledge, and you can also provide each student with engaging and motivating activities filtered by his or her personal interests, expression styles, and learning preferences.


Creating an Assignment

Watch the presentation below or use the step-by-step directions that follow.


Begin by navigating to the Assignments Menu in GoQuest.


Click on the Create Assignment button and select New Assignment from the dropdown.

This will open the Assignment Wizard, beginning with Step 1.

In Step 1 you will establish the title of your assignment, a description, due date, and then determine if you want to utilize differentiated activities.

Tip #1: Differentiated Activities are automatically assigned to students based on their ability level, personal interests, learning preferences, and expression styles.

Tip #2: You can provide up to 30 differentiated activities per student.

To include differentiated activities, check the box and then use the grade, subject, and topic drop downs to narrow down the focus for students.

Once you are ready, click NEXT in the bottom right.

This progresses us to Step 2.

Step 2 is an optional step. If you would like to require additional resources of ALL students, you can search or access your favorites. Then just check the box next to the resources you want to include.

Tip #3: Remember, ALL students will be given these selected resources, regardless of their profile data.

Once you are ready, click NEXT, and let’s move on to Step 3.

In Step 3, add directions for the student(s). This is required.

Tip #4: Be thorough with your directions. Establish the expectations for how they interact with the activities, deadlines, and how you want them to share what they have learned.

Notice you can also add files and questions to the assignment. Files cannot be larger than 5MB.

For the questions, you have options.

If you choose to enter custom questions, just follow the prompts. Do note that you can edit and remove the questions once they’ve been saved.

GoQuest Assignments Step 3 Question Edit.jpg

Once you have the directions and questions set, click NEXT, and move on to Step 4.

Step 4 allows us to select which students will receive this assignment.

Tip #5: Use the All Students dropdown to select a group of students, and then assign to the group.

Just check the box next to the students, and click NEXT, progressing to the final step.


Step 5 allows us to review each step of the process, and Edit as needed.

When finished, scroll to the bottom of the screen and

After saving, you will be returned to the Assignments Main Screen. When you click on the arrow to the left of the assignment it will expand so that you have access to View Responses and Differentiated Activities.


Clicking on Differentiated Activities opens up a box for the individual student where you can see a list of what they are going to be assigned, based on their profile.

Tip #6: If you click Differentiated Activities and the pop up is blank (empty) - please clear your cache and try again (you may have to logout and log back in).


Clicking on View Responses opens up a box for the individual student where you can read what they submitted on their questions. Teachers can also leave comments on student responses.

After a student has submitted their responses, and the teacher has provided feedback, the teacher can then Reopen the assignment. This allows the student to alter his/her responses to the questions.


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