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Super Starter Assignments

Using the "Best" Assignment Templates

Super Starter assignments were created by GoQuest experts for educators to use.

Super Starter assignments typically include 2 differentiated activities, 2-5 required activities, and questions. (some assignments may vary)


To open a Super Starter assignment, click on the orange Create Assignment button. This will open up a drop down for you to select your assignment.

Once you have selected your assignment, it will open in the familiar Assignment Wizard. To see exactly what is in the assignment, click on the 5 in the number line at the top. This takes you to Step 5 - Reviewing the Assignment.

Use the review screen to see the differentiated activities subject/topic, the common activities, additional resources, additional files, and questions included in the assignment.

To make changes to any area, click on the EDIT button next to that section.

Once you have made alterations, progress through the assignment as normal. You can save and assign later, or assign on the spot.

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