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Evaluating Assignments

Providing feedback when it counts

The Assignments page enables you to view the status of students' assignments, to edit, copy, archive, and delete existing assignments, and to create new assignments.

Teachers create assignments by combining both GoQuest and outside resources to create an assignment on a specific topic or theme. The objective of assignments is to give purpose to the Activities. That’s why we included tools so you can add directions and questions to your assignments to guide students and evaluate their work.
In an assignment, a student may receive a blend of activities that were assigned to all students along with activities that are differentiated based on his or her profiler. This way, you can be assured that all students receive some common knowledge, and you can also provide each student with engaging and motivating activities filtered by his or her personal interests, expression styles, and learning preferences.

Viewing Assignments

To view your assignments, click the Assignments tab.

The list you see shows the assignments in your account, and indicates the number of students to which each item was assigned, the date assignments were created, the date they were due, and the status of each assignment ("In Progress," "Completed," or "Unassigned").

Click the arrow next to the name of an assignment to expand the row for that assignment and view details about it.

From this view, you can see which students received the assignment and view the status of their work. Clicking Differentiated Activity enables you to view the students work on any special sections of the assignment that were customized for that student based on his or her profiler.

When students have submitted responses to the questions in an assignment, a green light indicator appears on the View Responses button.

Clicking View Responses enables you to view students' work in each section of the assignment.

Adding teacher comments

Once students have submitted their responses, teachers can leave comments. Click on +Teacher Comment and then type in your response/thoughts. 

When finished, click Save.

For the student to receive your remarks, you have to make a decision. If the student is finished with the assignment and his/her responses are acceptable, then click Accept. If the student needs more time or more details in his/her responses, then click Reopen.

The student view after responding:



For the reopened assignment, the student clicks on Edit, giving him/her the ability to add to or adjust responses and resubmit.

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