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Evaluating Projects

Following my students' learning

Projects provide opportunities for extended discovery and investigation, but can take a lot of work to manage and monitor.  Mrs. Alvira created this project in the GoQuest teacher interface by using the project template that walked her through the project’s sections including an introduction, directions, and guiding questions. She was able to add and delete sections to make the project her own and included due dates to help students manage their time. She also attached some resources and files to the project and directed students to use their Activities library to search for more resources aligned to their individual profiles.

As the students work through the steps in the project, a message tools allows them to ask questions and allows Mrs. Alvira to communicate with them, keeping them on track toward completion of the project.

As they get to the end of the project, the culminating product of the project allows students to wrap all the information they’ve gathered together demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Viewing Projects



The main Projects page shows a list of the projects you have created and provides details about each project.

list of projects.jpg

 The top row of the projects grid shows the following details:

  • Assigned: the number of students who have had the project assigned to them.
  • Created: the date the project was created.
  • Due Date: the date when the students' completed work is due.
  • Status: the status of the project. This will be "In Progress" for projects that students are working on; "Completed" for projects that have reached their due date, or "Unassigned" for projects that you have created but that you have not yet assigned to students.

Click the expand arrow next to a project name to view more information about that project.

expand arrow.jpg

The section for that project expands, showing a row for each student working on the project. Each student's row indicates his or her progress on phases of the project:

  • a green box indicates that the work is complete
  • a yellow box indicates that the work was not completed by the due date
  • a red box indicates that the phase is overdue (no work was turned in by the due date)

To read responses and see the message board, click on the View Responses button.

GoQuest Project Progress.jpg


This opens the Project Timeline back up for the teacher, but with different functionality from when assigning.

GoQuest Project View Responses.jpg

To read the students’ input along the timeline, you will scroll through and read.

GoQuest Project Timeline view.JPG

To see any files students have submitted, go to the Files menu.

GoQuest Project Files.JPG

To read the Message Board, go to Messages.

GoQuest Project View Message Board.jpg

Additional Resource


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